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What Are The Stairlift Prices in UAE

A stairlift is a modern-day home mobility solution that can be used by a single person to travel between the multiple floors of their home. A stairlift is attached to a home’s staircase and affords comfort, convenience, and safety to users. But, most importantly, it offers independence. This is what makes the stairlift popular among its regular users – the elderly – as it is not closed off like a conventional elevator but open and can be remotely controlled too.

Regarding the price of stairlifts, it varies from brand to brand. In the UAE, the price of stairlifts is determined by several factors such as the number of stops, type of drive, and customizations. On average, however, the price of a premium-quality stairlift starts from AED 71,271.

Here Are Some Commonly Asked Questions About Our Stairlift Prices:

What is the price of an E50 stairlift?

The E50 stairlift offered by Elite Elevators is a game-changer in the industry. It operates on the unique and original Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology which enables the E50 to offer a smooth, hassle-free, and safe performance.

The price of an E50 stairlift starts from AED 71,271. Aspects such as the total number of stops, additional safety features, and customizations for the rail and chair may increase the price. To get the best quote for you, call us at (+971 4278 0592).

Why is the E50 priced at AED 71,271 onwards?

The E50 is the only stairlift in the world that operates on Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology. To understand why ASL technology is such a game-changer, we need to know what differentiates it from conventional stairlifts. While a conventional stairlift is in use, it stops, stutters, readjusts, and restarts after encountering every corner, twist, and landing of your staircase. It even faces the staircase which causes a feeling of instability and imbalance among the user.

The ASL technology offers a completely different experience. When the E50 is commanded to stop at, for example, the second floor, the ASL tech enables the stairlift to face away from the staircase during operation. It will not stop at every curve, twist, or turn of the staircase nor at the first floor or any landing floors between the desired destination. This makes using the E50 time-saving, convenient, and most importantly safe.

And since the E50 can be customized with respect to the final number of stops, upholstery, and rail colors, its final price will be different for each client.

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