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What is the price of home lifts in UAE?

Home lift prices in UAE are dependent on many factors. Let’s say you want to buy a villa in the Emirates Hill neighbourhood in Dubai. Every villa in this place does not cost the same. Depending on your requirements such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities such as swimming pools, gated communities, security services, and in-house gyms, the price of each villa changes accordingly.

The same applies to home lifts. Each home lift is unique to its owners and home. This uniqueness gets translated into the final price of their home lifts. For a home lift, the type of drive, number of stops, customizations, safety layers, and country of origin, affect the price. As a rule of thumb, remember that the more advanced and bespoke your requirement is, the more your home lift will cost you.

Home lift price in UAE starts from AED 30,000 and can go up to AED 300,000. This wide range is subject to multiple factors as mentioned above.

Elite Elevators is a Dubai-based home lift company offering premium home lifts. Our home lifts are developed in Germany and made in Italy by our partner TK Access Solutions. Operating on the finest elevator technology, they are low-maintenance, energy-efficient, space-conscious, and safe. Resilient German engineering and timeless Italian design form the cornerstone of our home lifts. They can be installed at existing and under-construction residences across UAE.

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Answering commonly asked questions about our home lifts price:

How much is the price of a home lift at Elite Elevators?

Every Elite elevator costs differently for every client. This is because factors such as customizations, drive, and number of stops majorly alter the price. Since no two clients have the same requirements, the prices of their home lifts are also not the same. However, there is a general range of our home lifts that you can use for reference:

1. E300 CogBelt Home Lift – AED 220,000 Onwards
2. E200 Hydraulic Home Lift – AED 140,000 Onwards
3. E50 Stairlift – AED 73,000 Onwards

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How are the number of stops and customization calculated in the price of an Elite home lift?

For every home lift we offer, there is a base price calculated. Since every stop, door, and customization is an additional feature, the value of these components is added to the home lift.

To put this into perspective, an Elite home lift’s price starts from AED 70,000 and can go up to AED 300,000. This price blanket includes the maximum number of stops and customizations you can add.

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