Discover the Cost of Home Elevators in UAE

How Much Does A Home Elevator Cost in UAE?

Home elevators aren’t recurring purchases – they are one-time investments. This is because they are made to last for 25-50 years and are installed at a permanent spot in your home. Just like anything you buy – a car, designer handbag or penthouse – many factors determine the price of home elevators in UAE. Manufacturer, quality, design, safety and certifications are a few of the reasons that determine the final price of a home elevator. On average, the price range of a good home elevator is between AED 79999 to AED 99999.

Let’s take a look at the important factors that have a major impact on the price of your home elevator:

Factor #1: The Drive

The drive of your home elevator is an important element. It runs your home elevator and dictates how it performs – think of it like a car’s engine. In the world of home elevators, there are many offerings in the way of drives. Each drive has a special set of characteristics and is made distinctly. The most known type of elevator drives are the hydraulic drive, traction drive, rack and pinion drive and cogbelt drive. The final home elevator cost will depend on the drive you pick.

Factor #2: Number of Stops

The number of stops simply means the number of floors in your home. This factor also has a great influence on home elevator costs. The more stops or floors there are in your home, the higher your home elevator will cost.

Factor #3: Country of Origin

The country where your home elevator is manufactured also plays a significant role in the final home elevator cost. This has a two-fold effect on the price. On one hand, the transportation and import duty are included in your final cost and on the other, if the country of origin is a renowned manufacturer of elevators, this expertise is factored into the final cost too.

Factor #4: Customisation

Some home elevator companies offer you the option to customise the design and layout of your home elevator. You even get the option to add additional features. All these factors are added to the final home elevator cost.

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How much does a home elevator cost in UAE?

A home elevator in UAE costs between AED 79999 to AED 99999. This takes into account several factors such as customisations, size, country of origin, safety features and number of stops.

Are home lifts expensive in UAE?

No, home lifts are not expensive in UAE. Typically, home lifts cost anywhere from AED 79999 to AED 99999.

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