Why Chair Lifts Is the Reprieve We All Need Right Now

Here’s Why You Should Buy Chair Lifts For Your Home

Our health is a crucial aspect of our life yet remains something we always put on the back burner. As we reach old age, taking care of our health involves taking careful measures not to engage in activities that pose a health and safety risk. One of those activities happen to be climbing the staircase. And yet, some of us, especially older parents and relatives remain undeterred in their use of staircases. The underlying reason for this is the fear of losing their independence. The answer to this dilemma is quite simple: simply invest in a good-quality chair lift for your home.

Chair Lifts: What Are They, Uses & Benefits

Let’s break down how chair lifts work by first understanding how it looks. Think of a chair lift as an open concept, new-age and single-person lift. Instead of being installed against a wall, a chair lift is attached to a motorised track which is directly installed onto your staircase. When commanded to run, the chair lift travels up and down the staircase along the track and drops you at your preferred destination.

Chair lifts are most commonly used by people who are elderly, disabled, injured or who are reaching old age. The biggest benefit of chair lifts is their ability to help users access the upper levels of their homes in a safe, comfortable and independent manner. These aspects increase the self-esteem and confidence of the users, bringing ease and peace of mind to their lives.

E50 Chair Lifts & How They Add Value To Your Life

E50 chair lifts are unlike any you’ve heard of before. Their difference lies in their unique and original performance. This is because the E50 is enhanced by the patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology. Invented by our partners TK Access Solutions, Germany, this technology single-handedly adds luxury, flair and convenience to the E50. Let’s understand how revolutionary ASL and the E50 are with a little help from our Sarah.

Sarah is a 70-year woman living in the UAE and has been using a conventional non-ASL chair lift for the last five years. When Sarah commands the chair lift to take her to the second floor from the ground floor, her stairlift faces the staircase, stops at the first floor and any turn in the layout of the staircase, readjusts its course and then restarts. This process is a time-consuming and uncomfortable one for Sarah.

She has recently made the switch to the ASL E50 chair lift. The chair of the E50 offers her a gentle and natural recline and is height-adjustable making it very comfortable for Sarah. This chair lift does not stop at every turn or landing but instead glides smoothly along the staircase in one fluid motion and only stops when it reaches the desired destination. It does not face the staircase either, so Sarah does not feel like she’s tipping forwards in her chair. When she does not use the E50, Sarah can fold it up and keep it away from the middle of the staircase, allowing the rest of her family to use the staircase without any obstructions. Additionally, the E50 comes with seven safety layers that bring peace of mind to Sarah every time she uses the chair lift. She is further reassured of its safety because the E50 complies with the European home safety codes EN 81-40 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC. This switch has made it easy and time-saving for Sarah and helps her go about her life with minimal disruption.

Want to follow in Sarah’s footsteps by investing in an E50 chair lift? Drop an inquiry here (enquiry@eliteelevators.ae) or call us at (+971 4278 0592).

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