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Impressive German-Engineered Hydraulic Lifts In Ajman

Superior Hydraulic Home Lifts In Ajman

Home lifts bring comfort, safety and confidence to a residence. They future-proof your home so that you can access all levels of your home with ease and avoid staircase-related injuries. Home lifts are also ideal mobility solutions for all members of a family be they old, young or middle-aged. Therefore, it becomes necessary to choose a home lift that not only addresses your needs but is also safe and technologically adept. One such home lift is a hydraulic home lift.


Hydraulic home lifts are all the rage world over. They are the most common types of lift not just at homes but in public spaces as well. As a consequence of their versatility and popularity, they are the most preferred type of home lift. Elite Elevators has a range of premium home lifts in its collection. In collaboration with TK Access Solutions, Germany, we offer sophisticated home lifts to our clientele in Ajman. Made in Italy and developed in Germany, our home lifts are made to exacting standards.

We Offer Premium Hydraulic Home Lifts In Ajman

Elite Elevators has a premium hydraulic home lift offering for residents of the Ajman: the E200. The E200 goes above and beyond the typical hydraulic mechanism to ensure a luxurious ride. Conventional hydraulic lifts offer a noisy and bumpy ride, incur grease-related wear and tear and are high-maintenance as is the nature of the drive.

However, the E200 hydraulic lift has been specially engineered to eliminate these otherwise standard features. The engineers at our partner company, TK Access Solutions, Germany, thoroughly understood these unavoidable drawbacks of the hydraulic mechanism. They took up the challenge to eliminate these annoyances. The result is a carefully constructed hydraulic drive with enhanced functionality supported by 14 distinct patented mechanisms.

Our hydraulic drive used in the E200 offers a gentle, noise-free and bump-free ride. The patented Soft Start & Stop (SSS) device, attached to the lift’s motor, ensures that this policy is strictly maintained. Once you step in and ride the E200 hydraulic lift, there’s no going back. The rails of the lift car do not require lubrication, thanks to the patented Greaseless Rail (GLR) technology. As this eliminates the use of any kind of oil or lubricant, there is no formation of dust or grease. Hence, there are no squeaky mechanisms or grease-related wear and tear, making the E200 low maintenance.

Visit our experience centre in Ajman for a demonstration.

World-Class Hydraulic Home Lifts in Ajman

Safe Hydraulic Home Lifts In Ajman

The Luxury Hydraulic Home Lifts in Ajman

At Elite Elevators and TK Access Solutions, passenger safety is paramount. The E200 is equipped with five safety layers that make this hydraulic lift reliable during a power or mechanical failure. Each safety layer can be easily accessed by the passenger without the need for outside intervention. The E200 has also been given the stamp of approval by two recognised international regulatory bodies – TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards and SIL 3. Lastly, the E200 complies with the European codes of home safety machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41.

These hydraulic elevators do not require a pit, machine room or headroom. Operating on a single-phase power supply, the E200 consumes 1.45 kW to ascend and 0 kW to descend. This puts its energy consumption on par with a microwave or a half-ton air conditioner.


How expensive is a hydraulic lift?
A hydraulic lift is not all expensive. It lies in the middle of the price scale: it is cheaper than a technologically-powerful lift but more expensive than a stairlift. Elite Elevators’ hydraulic lifts are actually great options for their versatility, ease of use and safety. To know more about the cost of a hydraulic lift, call us at + 971 4278 0592/+971 4246 0222.
Which type of lift is best for your home?
The best lift for your home is either a hydraulic lift or a CogBelt lift. At Elite Elevators, we offer a premium and superior version of the hydraulic lift and CogBelt lift called the E200 and E300 respectively. Each of the above has a range of usage. We offer a complimentary consultation call with our Elevator Experts. Our Elevator Experts will guide you on the best lift for your home based on your requirements. Call our Elevator Experts at +971 4278 0592/+971 4246 0222.
How much power does a hydraulic lift consume?
Hydraulic lifts, by nature, consume minimal energy. After all, a home lift is just like any other home appliance. Elite Elevators’ home lifts actually consume the same amount of energy as a microwave. Coming up to about 1.45 kW when in use, our hydraulic lifts only use this much power during ascent. They consume 0 kW during descent and operate on a single-phase power supply.
Where are Elite Elevators hydraulic lifts made?
Our home lifts have a two-country origin. They are designed and developed in Germany by our partner TK Access Solutions’ engineers. Once you place an order for your home lift with us, we send it to our partner’s factory TK Home Solutions Srl in Pisa, Italy. Once the manufacturing process is complete, your custom and brand-new home lift is delivered to your home in Ajman.


Abdulla Fadel

The product is of high quality and the technicians are efficient, especially with the Corona pandemic, their performance was very good and the after-sales service was good, and I advise those who are looking for an elevator that suits their requirements. I recommend this company

Dalal Al-Sheha

Thanks to Elite Elevators. we really appreciate their hard work and their continuous follow up with us after the sale. In particular, a heartfelt thanks to mansoor (customer relationship manager) who was really keen to deliver a product that satisfies us. Thanks also to the wonderful team of engineers.

Trade Allianz

The chair lift equipment is world class and the team is a good match

Mark Browne

Good equipment and service. Recommended.

Aaron Paul

One of the best services provided by them

&ampWe did not have to make or break anything in our newly renovated house. That’s one thing I love about the chairlift. It ideally suits our purpose because me and my husband wanted to give the best for our aging parents. The chair is foldable making it compact, easy to use and silent. Installation was done without any hiccups. I am delighted.&amp

Dr Ashima Sardana

&ampI was skeptical about installing an elevator in our home because it was painstakingly constructed to be aesthetically pleasing. Elite elevators pleasantly surprised us by prioritizing design and performance, bundled in a package. And, my claustrophobic mom just loves the transparent door as it creates a sense of safety.&amp

Mrs. Kamal Bhatia

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