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Stairlifts From Elite Elevators In Dubai

Game-Changing Stairlifts From Elite Elevators In Dubai

More often than not, a person’s knees and legs gradually become weak upon reaching the age of 65. This factor makes it difficult for such a person or persons to use the stairs. Their body cannot carry them up and down the stairs without the risk of there being a potential injury. In such instances, a person is forced to shift their bedroom to the ground level. They are not able to access the rest of their house or they may have to move out of that home completely.

This is most unfortunate as you may have built your home with a certain vision and amenities on specific levels of your home. Therefore, due to old age, you stand to miss out on the comforts that you created for your family and yourself.

Our Award-Winning Stairlifts Offer Safe Mobility

There is a light at the end of this tunnel though. Thanks to modern technology, there is a mobility solution called a stairlift or a chairlift that is used to transport passengers within their own homes. It is also an economical and space-conscious solution. Elite Elevators, in conjunction with TK Access Solutions, is honoured to bring this advanced technology to homes in Dubai.

The E50 stairlift has been developed by the original creators of the stairlift 65 years ago – TK Access Solutions, our partner. The E50 stairlift is fitted onto any kind of staircase (even as narrow as 610 mm) of your home without any structural changes being made. Running on the rack and pinion drive, the E50 is enhanced by the patented Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology. Rather than stopping and restarting at every turn or landing to reach the desired destination, this innovative and original technology enables the E50 to operate in one fluid motion. It swivels away from the stairs instead of facing them to offer users maximum comfort.

E50 Stairlift: Melding Ergonomic Design With Comfort

The E50’s design is spectacularly ergonomic and easy to operate. When not in use, it can be folded up into a compact position to clear the space in the staircase. There are no visible mechanics like dangling wires, cables or motors so there is uniformity and neatness in design. The design and materials used in the chair ensure that the seating position favours a natural and gentle recline. This promotes safety and comfort for the user.

The E50 is loaded with seven safety features for the ultimate safety of users. One-handed seat belt operation, four armrest positions, call device and remote control are some of the few. The E50 is also certified as safe by the international bodies TÜV SÜD for following the ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards and SIL 3. It is also compliant with machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41.


Is there an alternative to a stair lift?
There are two efficient and comfortable ways to access the stairs: a stairlift or a regular home lift. The stairlift was invented to offer senior citizens an easy and economical way to access the stairs. So to answer the question, there is no equivalent alternative but there are costly alternatives and those are conventional home lifts. Elite Elevators has partnered with TK Access Solutions – the original inventors of stairlifts 60+ years ago. With the help of TK Access Solutions, we’re able to bring to the Dubai award-winning, safe and comfortable stairlifts.
Why are stairlifts so expensive?
Stairlifts are not at all expensive. On the contrary, they are cheaper than even conventional home lifts. Elite Elevators offers the most advanced stairlifts in the Dubai region. Our stairlifts run on original and award-winning German technology. For price enquiries, contact us at +971 4278 0592/+971 4246 0222.
Who makes the best stairlift?
Elite Elevators’ E50 stairlift is the best stairlift in the Dubai. Operated by the Advanced Swivel and Levelling (ASL) technology, the E50 faces away from the stairs and operates without stopping multiple times. It is equipped with 7 safety layers and follows European codes of safety, the EN 81-40. For more information, visit the E50 page
What are the safety layers present in your stairlift?
Our stairlift comes with seven safety layers:
(i) Emergency Stop & Lowering Button
(ii) Armrest Detection
(iii) Fold-Away Joystick
(iv) Call Device
(v) Seat Belt Detection
(vi) Indicator Lamps
(vii) Anti-Squeeze In The Chair Including Footrest


Abdulla Fadel

The product is of high quality and the technicians are efficient, especially with the Corona pandemic, their performance was very good and the after-sales service was good, and I advise those who are looking for an elevator that suits their requirements. I recommend this company

Dalal Al-Sheha

Thanks to Elite Elevators. we really appreciate their hard work and their continuous follow up with us after the sale. In particular, a heartfelt thanks to mansoor (customer relationship manager) who was really keen to deliver a product that satisfies us. Thanks also to the wonderful team of engineers.

Trade Allianz

The chair lift equipment is world class and the team is a good match

Mark Browne

Good equipment and service. Recommended.

Aaron Paul

One of the best services provided by them

‘We did not have to make or break anything in our newly renovated house. That’s one thing I love about the chairlift. It ideally suits our purpose because me and my husband wanted to give the best for our aging parents. The chair is foldable making it compact, easy to use and silent. Installation was done without any hiccups. I am delighted.’

Dr Ashima Sardana

‘I was skeptical about installing an elevator in our home because it was painstakingly constructed to be aesthetically pleasing. Elite elevators pleasantly surprised us by prioritizing design and performance, bundled in a package. And, my claustrophobic mom just loves the transparent door as it creates a sense of safety.’

Mrs. Kamal Bhatia

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