Small Home Lifts in Abu Dhabi

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Technologically Superior Small Home Lifts In Abu Dhabi

Superior Small Home Lifts In Abu Dhabi

Almost a hundred years ago, who would”ve predicted that an appliance used to lift cargo at docks would find its way into homes? That”s the power of innovation. Undeniably, Small Home Lifts add oodles of comfort, convenience and ease to a home. They make accessing all levels of your home pain-free and sophisticated. Your home is your most intimate and sacred space. Therefore only the best home lift can find its pride of place here. A competent home lift is:


Safety certified by an internationally-renowned regulatory body


Has an adequate number of safety mechanisms


Manufactured to the highest standards


Operates on patented technology & innovative and enhanced drives

Elite Elevators Brings To Abu Dhabi World-Class Small Home Lifts

Elite Elevators fits the bill and then some. Elite Elevators, in collaboration with TK Access Solutions, Germany brings to the Abu Dhabi premium Small Home Lifts. Engineered in Germany and made in Italy, our Small Home Lifts carry global renown as being industry leaders in terms of their superior technology. Certified as safe by TÜV SÜD ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) standards for following the ISO 9001:2015 QMS standards and SIL 3, our Small Home Lifts are among the best in the world. In addition, they are also compliant with the European home safety codes machinery directive 2006/42/EC and EN 81-41. Emphasising sophisticated comfort and convenience, our Small Home Lifts elevate the quality of your life and home.

Most Innovative Small Home Lifts In Abu Dhabi

Remember the checklist we jotted down above? Well, our E Series Small Home Lifts are strong contenders in qualifying for every requirement. Operating on a patented innovative CogBelt drive, it has been exclusively designed by the engineers at TK Access Solutions. The singular drive along with 14 patented mechanisms lend the E300 its signature velvety smooth, gentle, silent and fast performance.

The cogged belt in the E300 home lift negates the use of ropes, cables and chains. As a result, it is twenty times more durable and resilient than these conventional lifting mechanisms. This patented cogged belt is one of two reasons why the E300 home lift offers an ultra-smooth, ultra-gentle, ultra-fast and ultra-silent performance. The second reason is the patented Extra Gentle Soft Start & Stop (EGSSS) device. Affixed to the lift”s motor, this unique device ensures that the home lift transports passengers effortlessly.

The E300 is also energy-saving, space-efficient and secure. Consuming only 1.45 kW when in use (which is equal to a microwave), the E300 home lift operates on a single-phase power supply. Most notably, it does not consume energy during descent. As for its space efficiency, this home lift does not require deep pits, machine room or headroom. It”s made to measure according to the space available in your home. It even comes with a shaft or without a shaft depending on your preference.

World-Class Small Home Lifts in Abu Dhabi

The E300 Is The Safest Small Home Lifts in Abu Dhabi

Armed to the hilt with the five safety layers, the E300 is power outage-reliant too. The five safety layers such as two ARDs (Automatic Rescue Devices), a mechanical button, a mechanical key and a trapdoor ensure that you can troubleshoot the issue from inside the home lift itself. The home lift also has an Advanced Error Notification System (AENS) that informs you when there are pressing issues in the E300. If these issues are not addressed within a timeline, the E300 will shut down and descend to the ground level and will not function until the issue is resolved. This ingenious system prevents passengers from getting stuck inside the home lift and from logging false complaints.


Which is the best Small Home Lifts company in Abu Dhabi?
Elite Elevators is the best Small Home Lifts company in the Abu Dhabi. Our collaboration with the German company TK Access Solutions means we now offer international home elevators in the Abu Dhabi. Our home elevators are the epitome of luxury, style and technology. Their performance is nothing short of wondrous and will leave you coming back for more. They operate on patented and innovative technology and are space-conscious, energy-efficient and low-maintenance. Visit our experience centre in Abu Dhabi for a guided demonstration of our home elevators.
Which is the best lift for a residential building in Abu Dhabi?
The best lift for a residential building in the Abu Dhabi depends entirely on your requirements. Your residential lift requirements may differ from your friend”s or neighbour”s requirements. Therefore, it is best to get this question answered by a professional. Elite Elevators offers a complimentary consultation call with our Elevator Experts in the Abu Dhabi. Our Elevator Experts will guide you on the best lift for your home based on your requirements. Call our Elevator Experts at +971 4278 0592/+971 4246 0222.
Can I install my own Small Home Lifts?
No, you cannot. A Small Home Lifts is precisely and carefully manufactured to your needs. Hence, it needs to be handled and installed by a team of manufacturer-trained technicians only. Not to mention installing a Small Home Lifts by yourself poses a great safety risk for yourself and your home.
Does Elite Elevators Small Home Lifts need a pit?
No. Our Small Home Lifts are very efficient when it comes to space usage. They do not require a pit, machine room or headroom. This means that there is minimal civil work needed to install our efficiently-engineered Small Home Lifts in your home in Abu Dhabi.


Abdulla Fadel

The product is of high quality and the technicians are efficient, especially with the Corona pandemic, their performance was very good and the after-sales service was good, and I advise those who are looking for an elevator that suits their requirements. I recommend this company

Dalal Al-Sheha

Thanks to Elite Elevators. we really appreciate their hard work and their continuous follow up with us after the sale. In particular, a heartfelt thanks to mansoor (customer relationship manager) who was really keen to deliver a product that satisfies us. Thanks also to the wonderful team of engineers.

Trade Allianz

The chair lift equipment is world class and the team is a good match

Mark Browne

Good equipment and service. Recommended.

Aaron Paul

One of the best services provided by them

“We did not have to make or break anything in our newly renovated house. That”s one thing I love about the chairlift. It ideally suits our purpose because me and my husband wanted to give the best for our aging parents. The chair is foldable making it compact, easy to use and silent. Installation was done without any hiccups. I am delighted.&amp

Dr Ashima Sardana

“I was skeptical about installing an elevator in our home because it was painstakingly constructed to be aesthetically pleasing. Elite elevators pleasantly surprised us by prioritizing design and performance, bundled in a package. And, my claustrophobic mom just loves the transparent door as it creates a sense of safety.&amp

Mrs. Kamal Bhatia

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