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Best Home Elevators in Sharjah

Make your family’s dreams come true by offering them the comfort and luxury that comes with home elevators in Sharjah. There are a lot of companies that offer home elevators in Sharjah but Elite Elevators stands out from the crowd as a company that provides quality products, quick delivery, and assured after-sales service. The team at Elite Elevators works around the clock to ensure that the utmost level of customer satisfaction is given with every elevator installation and maintenance project.

The Most Used Home Elevators in Sharjah


Hydraulic Lift

As luxury home elevators, hydraulic lifts are very popular. In order to fit your particular requirements, hydraulic lifts can be customized to fit your home and all of its specific needs. With Elite Elevator’s home lifts, you’ll have a machine room-less lift with a low pit height & top height, which compares favorably to conventional lifts. A hydraulic elevator is a heavy-duty elevator that is used in home elevators. The weight capacity of a hydraulic elevator is 750 lbs. This means that it is capable of carrying loads up to a thousand pounds.

Shaft-less Elvators

As it is made to serve two floors, the shaft-less elevator is also referred to as an elevator or lift that is through-the-floor. The best part about this type of elevator is that it can be retrofitted into existing homes fairly easily, and it occupies a significantly smaller space than traditional elevators. Additionally, the construction requirements are kept to a minimum, which means that the pit, the machine room, and the hoist-way enclosure need not be constructed.



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