Elevate your lifestyle: Discovering Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic Lifts – Why Are They Good For Your Home?

There are plenty of options in the UAE luxury home lift market. From lifts offering speed, efficiency, safety, luxury, durability or a combination of all, there is sheer variety to choose from. But what makes or breaks a home lift is the drive it runs on. So before we get into why hydraulic lifts are the best lifts for homes, we need to understand what a hydraulic lift is.

So, How Does A Hydraulic Lift Work?

The most common type of lift (at residences and public spaces), hydraulic lifts operate on Pascal’s principle of fluid mechanics. In this principle, you have small and large pistons that are interconnected and filled with hydraulic fluid. When pressure is applied to the small piston, according to Pascal’s principle, the force is generated equally within the fluid. Now since the pistons are interconnected, this force is transmitted to the larger piston, generating an even larger force. This force is what lifts heavy objects such as lift cars.

This is the exact mechanism used in our exclusive hydraulic lift, E200.

Why Is E200 Hydraulic Lift Best for Homes in the UAE?


Superior Performance

Conventional hydraulic lifts typically offer jerky performance with a high-maintenance and high-energy consumption system. This is where the E200 is the complete opposite of its peers. Developed and crafted by our German partners, TK Access Solutions, the E200 is void of the inconsistencies that are unavoidable in conventional hydraulic systems. This is because the engineers have enhanced the very fabric of the hydraulic drive, enhancing it so thoroughly that the E200’s performance is virtually incomparable. Delivering a smooth, quiet, fast, non-jerky and level ride, E200 hydraulic lifts are a cut above the rest.

Patented Mechanisms

Two patented mechanisms enhance the performance of E200 hydraulic lifts: GLR (Greaseless Rail Technology) and the SSS (Soft Start and Stop) device. The GLR has equipped the rails of the lift car to repel dust formation and grease production. This feature not only makes the E200 low maintenance but also ensures the longevity of the elevator as its inner components retain their structural integrity. The SSS device, on the other hand, is attached to the lift’s motor and further ensures that the E200 offers a smooth and seamless ride.

Custom-Made For You

The E200 hydraulic lift does not come in a standard size or design. Instead, we measure your home, available space, gauge your spatial and interior design needs and offer a bespoke elevator. This process allows you to take advantage of a home elevator without having to compromise on aspects like space or design.

E200 hydraulic lifts are ideal for homes in the UAE that prefer convenience, comfort and German technology with Italian design. If this sounds like you, drop an inquiry at (enquiry@eliteelevators.ae) or call us at (+971 4278 0592).

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