Raising Your Home’s Standards: Elevate with House Lifts

What Is A House Lift?

Lifts are ubiquitous presences in the modern world. From hospitals, hotels, and shopping malls to airports, railway stations, and restaurants, you can find a lift anywhere you go. However, the lifts you encounter in these places are called commercial lifts and are made especially for these places. They differ from house lifts in significant ways yet remain united by their intent: to transport passengers comfortably from one floor to another. A house lift, therefore, is a lift made exclusively for residences.

At Elite Elevators, we offer our clientele the best house lifts in the UAE. Engineered in Germany and manufactured according to European standards in Italy, our house lifts are a lesson in elegance and futuristic elevator technology. We’ve partnered with TK Access Solutions, Germany: a world leader in developing unique elevator technology and the best house lifts. When you step into our house lifts, you’ll be transported to a world of comfort, luxury, and sophistication.

Why Are Elite Elevators’ House Lifts The Best?

  • German Technology & Italian Design: The reputation of German engineering precedes itself. Durability, ingenuity, and efficiency are a few of the praises German engineering is bestowed with regularly. On the other hand, Italian design is known for its intricacy, craftsmanship, and timelessness. This is exactly what you get with our house lifts.
  • Safety: The comfort & safety of users remains at the forefront of our lift design and operation. To this effect, our house lifts are layered with several safety mechanisms. They are manufactured in compliance with European home safety codes EN 81-41, EN 81-40, and machinery directive 2006/42/EC and comprise Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.
  • Lasts 45-50 Years: This characteristic is also credited to German engineering. Conventional house lifts are designed to last for 20-25 years, tops. But ours have been engineered to stand tall even after 45-50 years. A generational house lift, if we say so ourselves.
  • Low Maintenance: Once again, German engineering is to be praised for this ingenious feat. Conventional lifts need maintenance every 3 or 6 months. This aspect is slightly bothersome as your privacy is intruded upon in your own home regularly. However, our house lifts need maintenance only once every year.
  • Energy-Efficient: Our house lifts offer a pretty neat energy-efficient performance thanks to German engineering. If you weren’t convinced about German engineering before, this has to seal the deal for you! Our house lifts consume minimal energy as they operate on a single-phase power supply.

Want this house lift for your dream home? Call us at (97142780592) or email us at (enquiry@eliteelevators.ae).

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