Luxury to Redefine: Elevator Companies in UAE

How To Identify The Best Home Elevators Companies in UAE

If you are on a home elevator purchasing journey, then you know that there are multiple international and home-grown brands to choose from. Each brand has its own unique offerings but since a home elevator is a one-time investment, your home elevator company must tick a few boxes.

Wondering what these parameters are? We’ve rounded it out for you in our ultimate guide to selecting the best home elevator companies in the UAE.

#1: Elevator Drive

The best way to identify if you are dealing with competent home elevators companies is through the different types of elevator drives they offer. An elevator drive is the very foundation of your elevator – it determines the way your elevator will function and each drive has its own benefits. You have hydraulic drives, cogbelt drives, traction drives, rack and pinion drives and pneumatic drives – and this is just the tip of the iceberg! Understandably, you may drown in this sea of options but we come bearing advice. Choose a home elevator company that offers a limited number of drives, as they’ve already narrowed down the best drives through their handpicked range. Next, check whether the drive is an original invention (especially if it comes from Germany or Italy) or if they have used technology to enhance tried and tested drives.

#2: Country of Origin

This is an underrated factor when it comes to choosing the ideal home elevator company for your home elevator needs. The country of origin or the place of manufacture actually helps you determine the level of quality, craftsmanship and technology in a home elevator. Just as Paris is the fashion capital of the world – your trust in Parisian brands is so strong that you would close your eyes and buy from them – there are countries around the world that are specialists in elevators, especially home elevators. In the elevator world, the capitals happen to be Germany and Italy. These two countries are the powerhouses of elevators, with many ingenious inventions in elevators originating from these countries. So, it is always best to go for home elevator companies that are of German and Italian origin.

#3: Safety Features, Safety Compliance & Safety Certifications

Out of all the parameters we’ve listed, this is one we cannot stress enough on. Your home elevator transports your loved ones across your home. Therefore, it has to be one that offers complete safety and security to users. Many home elevator companies do offer a range of safety features, comply with local regulations and carry safety certifications. From these aspects, narrow down your choice to home elevator companies that offer an extensive range of safety layers, comply with European and local home safety regulations. These comprehensive features ensure that your home elevator was made with the safety of the users as the top priority.

If the question of whether such a home elevator company exists in the UAE, then we’ve got the answer for you. Look no further than Elite Elevators. We’ve partnered with the German TK Access Solutions and our premium home elevators are manufactured in Pisa, Italy. Our home elevators come in advanced versions of regular drives such as the hydraulic drive and original inventions such as the ASL and CogBelt drive. In addition to this, our home elevators come with a wide range of safety layers, are compliant with European home safety codes EN 81-41, EN 81-40 and machinery directive 2006/42/EC and comprise Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3.

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