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Hydraulic Lifts in UAE

The particular flexibility of hydraulic lifts makes them suitable for installations even in existing building contexts, owing to their versatility of creation. As part of the home, hydraulic lifts become a part of the furnishing to make things easier in the home, but also add value to the furnishings by being quiet, easy to operate, and comfortable to use. In a hydraulic lift, a piston moves through a cylinder, which, in turn, propels the lift.

The highly reliable and durable properties of these lifts have made them an essential part of the commercial area’s infrastructure for many years. In the case of hydraulic lifts, oil is used as a form of energy to lift and they are normally used for lower-rise and mid-rise buildings. Ideally, hydraulic lifts should be used for buildings not exceeding six floor levels. Whenever a building style value or architectural integration is to be fully integrated with the building lift, hydraulic lifts are the most appropriate solution. If you are looking for the best hydraulic lifts in UAE, Elite Elevators will provide you with the best solution.

The types of hydraulic lifts in UAE


A hydraulic elevator can be classified into three different types: in-ground, hole-less, or roped systems.

In-ground hydraulic systems

In hydraulic lifts of this kind, the lifting car is attached to a piston within the cylinder. There is a proportional relationship between the height at which a lift rises and the ground’s extension at which it extends. The lift car is rising as hydraulic oil is injected into the cylinder, and when the oil is receding into the reservoir, the lift car will begin to descend. An in-ground hydraulic system can often be challenging to maintain due to this factor.

Hole-less hydraulic lifts

Hydraulic lifts of this type are installed in elevator pits and their controllers are installed on walls near the lifts instead of a room to operate. Generally more cost-effective than other hydraulic lifts, machine room less hydraulic lifts also reduce construction costs since a separate building or room is not necessary for lifting operations.

Roped hydraulic lifts

As elevator cars are raised and lowered, ropes and hydraulic power are used. To support the car and load, the plungers are connected indirectly through a rope and sheave arrangement, instead of directly to the car frame. The rope system has the advantage of producing a 2:1 ratio of jack movement to car movement, allowing for a shorter jack or, alternatively, allowing a larger range of travel for the car.

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